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A Biopunk Narrative Art Book

A fully illustrated science fiction story unfolding in an original biopunk universe over 120 pages.

In the middle of the 21st century, fungi feeding on radio waves cause a global pandemic, ultimately eradicating most of life on Earth as we know it. A century later, a group of surviving biohackers leave their ocean-borne refuge to explore a world where evolution is running wild in search of answers to the future of Humanity and Life in the universe. 

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The Art Book
The Project

Junglecrow Studio is a small international team of world builders, concept artists & storytellers based in Tokyo.


We believe in the power of art, storytelling, and imaginary worlds to empower people with new ideas and the means to explore them. With KIN – Mycocene, we wanted to create a sci-fi world that would resonate with our generation's challenges in the decades to come:climate change, biodiversity loss, the rise of biotechnology...


Day after day, our reality is drawing closer to the future cyberpunk stories have depicted over the last four decades. Do you wonder what lies beyond the rule of megacorporations and ecological disasters? If so, we hope you will enjoy exploring the biopunk universe of KIN as much as we enjoyed building it.

Making Of
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The Team
KIN Team

Ryohei Kobayashi


Maïko Seen


Antoine Perrin

Co-Creator / Art Director / Producer

Tomoyuki Takahashi


Klaus Pillon

Concept Artist / Illustrator

Shotaro Hori


Pierre Lazarevic

Concept Artist / Illustrator

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